USB Repair 5..6.13

USB Repair is a utility software that help in the recovery process of files lost from USB drives, due to accidents or viruses

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    Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 2003 / Windows XP

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USB Repair 5..6.13
USB Repair

USB Repair is a Windows program that lets you recover data from USB flash drives.

If you ever accidentally delete a file or have files corrupted by an application, USB repair is a solution. It can potentially recover data that’s been lost or damaged due to deletion, power outages, application errors, disk formatting, viruses and more. As with most data recovery solutions, the sooner you recognize the problem and act, the better your chances are of recovering the data.

USB Repair works with practically any storage device that connects to your desktop or laptop computer via USB. That includes USB flash drives as well as external hard drives. All brands are supported, and you can, for instance, use a USB adapter to make the program work with SD cards and the like. The program works on all Windows PCs from Windows XP all the way up to Windows 10.

It doesn’t matter what type of data you’ve lost either. When USB Repair is able to reclaim data, it can recover text documents, photographs, music, videos and much more. Even if the drive has been formatted or virus-corrupted, it can support most major file formats, including AVI, GIF, JPEG and MP3.

The program is also incredibly easy to use. Run it. Point it to the affected drive, and let it scan. The scan can take a while based on the size of the drive, but when it’s done, it’ll list all of the files that are recoverable. You can then choose what to recover and where to save it. The results can be a bit obfuscated particularly if the drive has been formatted, but what you get is usually more than enough to locate any important data that’s available.

USB Repair isn’t a freeware program. You have to pay for it. The upside is that you get to download a free version, run it and see what it can do for you. If it can recover what you need, then you purchase the full edition and have it rebuild your files. It’s worth mentioning that success depends on many factors. Even reclaimed files can be incomplete depending on many variables, which includes but isn’t limited to how many writes to the media there’s been since deletion or corruption occurred.


  • Supports all USB flash drives
  • Recovers all data types


  • Not free
  • Success depends on many factors

USB Repair is a fast and reliable rescue utility for USB flash drives.

USB Repair is a Windows program that provides a number of useful utilities for USB flash drives. A primary use for USB Repair is to repair files that have become corrupted and restore files that have been deleted. Corrupted files can happen because of an error in the write process, and USB Repair can either rebuild the file header or use a restore-like process to replace the missing bits. Sometimes files are deleted accidentally, but fortunately, they are not truly deleted until overwritten, so USB Repair can often recover them in whole. If only pieces are available, USB Repair can often rebuild all or part of the deleted file.

USB Repair also supports the reconstruction of folders and entire hierarchies, and it supports a full range of USB sizes. Support for larger sizes is dictated by the OS, so sizes above 4 GB may be unsupported in some cases due to Windows limitations. Additionally, restore operations tend to fail at a greater rate when dealing with USB flash drives smaller than 128 GB due to the likelihood that the drive has reclaimed those areas for new storage.

USB is a snap utility. What that means is that USB Repair has a small footprint and does not require installation. The benefit of this configuration is that you can store a copy of the program on any USB flash drive that you use and have it available for immediate use in case a file is corrupted or accidentally deleted. In the file found list provided by USB Repair, the application indications the file recovery likelihood based on the amount of good data available. If the user acts quickly, such as in the case of a recent deletion, then recovery likelihood is usually high.


  • Fast, accurate rebuild of deleted and corrupted files
  • Intuitive user interface


  • Trial limited to 30 days

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